Grasshoppers Got You Down?

At Canyon's Edge Plants we try to control the pest problem without using harmful chemicals. We have even resorted to toad wrangling to try to control the grasshopper problem a bit. We have also learned that Great Plains Skinks eat grasshoppers! So try to be friendly to the toads and lizards in your garden and around your house they are beneficial. Some don't know that deet in most bug repellants is toxic to reptiles and amphibians. So make sure not to spray that stuff in places where these animals might get into it. Also if handling toads or lizards to bring them to an area of your yard that has been taken over by grasshoppers make sure you use deet free bug spray on yourself and always wash your hands before and after handling these guys!

Soon we will post a recipe for garlic spray that might help keep the grasshoppers at bay!