Fall Planting: Why You Should

Most people hear the chirp of birds and see the first buds slip from the trees and think now is time to get out into the garden! While that is true, spring can have its own issues, will we have a late freeze? What about hailstorms and other weather? Often we have to wait until late spring or early summer to plant because of the weather. While most of our plants can handle being planted during the summer, the fall offers its own host of benefits. Fall is a great time to plant. The weather has cooled down, we often get fall rains, and the plants will be going dormant soon. SO why do we plant in the fall? Well when we plant in the spring or summer we have to spend a month or more getting them established. This establishment time varies depending on the weather, but when it is hot and dry we often have to help our plants for quite a while. When you plant in the fall the plants will be going dormant in a month or two. If we get fall rains then you don't have to spend as much time watering to establish them. The cool weather encourages the plants to set down good roots. This is good because when next spring and summer comes your plants will have good roots and will often bloom the spring or summer following the fall planting. It is also much nicer to spend time in your garden when its not 100+ degrees outside. Visit us this fall and get a nice selection of plants to put in this fall.