Deer, deer, and more deer

Deer in the Panhandle. We love to watch them and see them come in our yards. We don't however love it when they eat our plants. How do you keep deer from destroying your garden? Well it is important to plant things that are deer resistant. I myself have planted deer resistant things and I have still had issues with curious deer coming into my yard to nibble at the various plants my beds have to offer. I found that even those plants marked as deer resistant were still being tasted. Now the key word here is "tasted". The deer would bite the plant, taste it, and spit it out. This went on for a while. They would taste my plants and then leave. Very frustrating. If the plants were deer resistant they would bite them and spit them out. If they weren't deer resistant the deer would eat them all the way down to the ground. Planting deer resistant plants is important. Even though it may take a while eventually the deer will learn that your plants taste bad. They will eventually leave them alone. This is one of the times that having bigger plants is better. Often we recommend that people plant small because the transplant shock is less. In this case planting larger plants is better because they can withstand the "tasting" period your deer might go through. Here is a link that will take you to all of our deer resistant plants that we sell :

By Samantha Sader with Canyon's Edge Plants